About Shona

I first heard about NVC in the summer of 2003. By the end of February 2004 I had spent 10 days with Dr. Marshall Rosenberg at the top of a mountain in Switzerland and I determined in myself to be like one of those NVC Trainers he was working with. I loved the ease of connection between them all, the fun and the depth- a delicious combination for me. I immediately found the NVC community in the UK and spent as much time as possible learning with them and other trainers around Europe and also the US. I became a Certified Trainer in 2006 and have since that time have shared NVC both publicly and within my role as an Educational Psychologist. I moved into working with the English Speaking European Assessor Team in the summer of 2015 and found a space to learn, live and share NVC with integrity and in collaboration. I love to support people to grow and develop their skills as practitioners, trainers and human beings doing their best.

Over the last decade I’ve been developing my skills as a facilitator and leader. One of the greatest joys in life, for me, is to sit in a circle of other beings. I experience such beauty as we all try our best to come back to our sacred self, in community. Sometimes these circles have 50 people in them, sometimes they exist for an hour in a session with you and me working on something precious to you.

I see myself as your supporter, your coach: your mentor: your healer and witness.

I believe in radical self compassion and acceptance of what is, equality and the power we have to grow and heal.

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland I also travel widely. I enjoy connections via Skype or in person. I facilitate groups or work 1:1.

Part of the community of trainers with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication   I also work closely with other trainers here in the UK- www.nvc-uk.com and more locally in Scotland.