Life Enriching Education Laboratory

Conjures up images of bunsen burners doesn’t it and white lab coats?

We know there are people out there frustrated by their attempts to change schools. Maybe you’ve tried to talk to line managers? Offered trainings yourself? Seen wonderful things happen in your classroom but you just can’t find the kind of shared enthusiasm for NVC and maybe you’re feeing lonely?

Those of us who have been there are here to support….

We need each other to learn from. There is a wealth of experience around Europe and we want to bring it together and play, grow, enrich each others’ lives. This is the legacy that Marshall Rosenberg left us with. A dream that can become a reality- when we come together and experiment.

This is a relatively new format for holding a training. A space where everyone is welcome, equal and has something to offer. Because: We are all learning how to bring NVC into schools.

leelab 2018 flyer_n

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