NVC Injections


A way of living-  the NVC model offers us these and more… want a quick injection… try these out….


That we are all trying to meet needs in every moment not getting things wrong or being bad

That feelings arise from needs met or unmet not because of actions of others

That there is another way of seeing the world- that human beings are natural givers and receivers  of love

An understanding that expressing our feelings and needs can be a vulnerable choice yet holds power

That there is a choice in how we hear messages coming our way- we are free to choose every time

That pain can shift with self empathy

That reaching out for help does not make one weak

That we do have choice in every moment

And things to really hold onto in ourselves

That being honest in ourselves can shift us into acceptance and peace

That being with pain does actually support it

Only when I’m’ really honest with myself- even to those sneaky jackals- yes all of them.. will I be congruent = be in my power.

That NVC is a way of living and not everyone wants to live this way and that’s ok.

So how do we share this without sounding weird? Or preachy or pushy?

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

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