The pressure to do BIG social change that’s paralysing action

I want the world to be different…and I love so much about it just as it is. I think this paradox paralyses us to take action to change – human beings don’t really like a paradox….well our brains trained to look for answers don’t! Plus we are comfortable….


Yet change is necessary because so much of what I have is dependent on others not having. And that change will need to be at a systemic level and a social change- a change in the way we behave and think and see each other.

Other things that paralyse us to take action: What I am also aware of is the hidden subtle messages that social change has to have a large audience to be social change- somehow I hear the words social change has got wrapped up in a definition that this has to be enormous- be making a difference on a global scale. I’m sure many people tell themselves- I’m not doing social change… because they don’t have a huge project they are involved in.

We are stifling all our attempts to be of service to contribute with this evaluation.

I see it differently If you are raising a child and have worked on yourself to undo your conditioning and are choosing not to use reward and punishment – you are involved in social change. If you greet the person who gets annoyed with you with kindness and care- you are involved in social change. We can all chose where we shop- this too is social change.

 A social change project is a social change project regardless of its size and I can make my life a social change project if I want to.  How I speak to myself my be my first act of social change- especially if this is reversing trauma and abuse patterns in your family. How about acts of social change rather than acts of random kindness? And let’s start wth ourselves.

What small social change acts will you make today?


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