Edinburgh: Create the Kind of Relationships You’ve Always Wanted- 29th April.

Are you :
● Getting overwhelmed trying to navigate through a situation at work or home?
● Losing yourself and what is important to you in the heat of the moment?
● Trying to apply NVC …and getting lost in the process?
● Tired of going round in circles?
● Ready to continue deepening your NVC practice?

This one day workshop will enable you to:
● Bring clarity to your needs in a situation
● Find ways of expressing those needs in a clear way that brings more connection.
● Deepen your understanding of your triggers AND what to do about them

It will build on the Foundation Training in NVC and participants are requested to have attended at least two days with an NVC Trainer.

This one day is the first in a series entitled: Design Your Own NVC Journey.

A series offered to support you to integrate NVC within a community and learn and grow with the support of an experienced guide. Next steps will be decided altogether- YOU will get the chance to design your own curriculum.

£85 gift rate £120 (Other amounts on request)

Any questions? More information? Booking? info@shonacameron.com

Flyer with more info here.