Taking NVC out of the Workshop into Action June 2017

Wondering how to take NVC out of the workshop into life? Us too!

Our idea is to explore where heads, hearts AND hands meet

We’ve been plotting how to combine a break in the South of France where we can explore together how to live, decide and co-operatively work together from the base of human needs and dialogue.

The “we” in question is made up of Shona and Louise (those who already know us also know our plotting!). Shona (perhaps because Edinburgh hasn’t quite come out of the winter doldrums yet) is eager to come to Montolieu, which is where Louise lives and works. Peace Factory is an easy setting to test new ideas (because we don’t have to reserve!), providing small and large group meeting spaces, an ideal combination so that with our usual sense of play and fun, we can offer you a week of options and themes such as:

  • NVC one-on-one coaching sessions
  • NVC group meetings and practice sessions
  • How to self-direct what you want to do whilst holding other people’s needs with care
  • Learn the vocabulary of NVC in English
  • Chances to share your projects and ideas for NVC
  • Exploring setting up and forming a Weave in your Community
  • Being an Ambassador and how to get there
  • Feedback on how you live and share NVC as a coach, leader or parent (360° feedback)
  • Laboratory-style decision-making which we can learn together for real life decisions

(informed by sociocracy, systemic consensing and NVC needs-based methods).

You may have learnt and been successful in an NVC workshop setting and found many challenges to live it day to day. This space is for you to ground your NVC and truly integrate what you have been learning.

Our invitation is to explore together what is possible as human beings – to refine what we have lost in terms of forming an interdependent community, especially if, like us, you have a hunch it is a step towards you dreams…

The week is designed to be learning rich while living together, so whether we are shopping, cooking, eating, clearing away, working in the garden, our aim is creating the rhythm needed to co-create community.

And we all get the satisfaction of contributing to the long-term vision of the Peace Factory!

Pricing is such a challenge because we all come from different financial bases, with different privileges, wanting different things out of this week together. So we’ve decided to offer a base rate, with add-on options you can choose.We want to experiment and be open with our accounting because we want the conversations about money, which are sometimes challenging and inspiring. When you register, we send you an invitation so you can see the budget and come ready with your questions. In doing so, we hope the transparency helps us all move forward towards a future where human needs are at the core of our systems and communities.

Click here To book €450 for 5 days of NVC practise and FUN!

What’s included in the price?

Food except breakfasts: in our base price is included €20 per day per person and includes a celebration feast to end our time together. To get us started we have decided to buy ingredients for Saturday evening, Sunday lunch and evening and Monday lunch because in the first instance we hope it will support building up our co-creation. As from Sunday we will start to use needs-based decision-making together to decide how we will live for the rest of the week. The invitation is for you to bring what you would like to share in this spirit (eg your favourite aperitif, favourite snacks or allergy-free food). (Please note local shops are closed on a Sunday)

Also included are facilitated group meetings every morning and evening with Shona and/or Louise (most often both!).

What’s not included in the price?

Your accommodation, individual sessions with a trainer, breakfasts and extras such as wine and treats.

If you have an inner “yes!” which your financial situation is trying hard to dim down to a “maybe” or “can’t possibly”, please know we are willing to trade 25% of the price depending on what you can offer, and are willing to accept payment by installments.

This is not a freebie because that would be unsustainable for Shona and Louise and what they both want to continue to do which provides sense and meaning to their lives.

Click here To book

Accommodation choices:

We have six single beds on-site to offer at 15€/night. There are also four mattresses on the training room floor at 8€/night, a tent in the garden at 5€/night, all including use of a shared bathroom and equipped kitchen facilities.

More accommodation is available in the village of Montolieu, one of France’s Book Villages, with a variety of prices depending on which comfort you’re looking for, from couch-surfing, the camp site in the village at 12€/night to 4* comfort just up the road at 120€/night.


Getting to Montolieu:

By plane:

– 20 km from the host site is “Carcassonne Salvaza airport” with direct flights with Ryanair:

-from London Stansted: http://www.aeroport-carcassonne.com/en/london.html

-from Glasgow: http://www.aeroport-carcassonne.com/en/glasgow-international.html

-from Cork: http://www.aeroport-carcassonne.com/en/cork.html

-from Manchester: http://www.aeroport-carcassonne.com/en/manchester.html

-from Dublin: http://www.aeroport-carcassonne.com/en/dublin.html

-from East Midlands: http://www.aeroport-carcassonne.com/en/east-midlands.html

-from Brussels: http://www.aeroport-carcassonne.com/en/brussels.html

-from Porto: http://www.aeroport-carcassonne.com/en/porto.html

-from Oran: http://www.aeroport-carcassonne.com/en/oran.html

– 80 km from the host site is “Toulouse-Blagnac airport” with Easyjet and other companies: http://www.toulouse.aeroport.fr/

(In which case please allow an extra two hours (it’s probably one hour and half but to be safe!) for transfer and train journey to Carcassonne station, and remember you need to allow for extra journey time before check-in at the airport on your return journey.)

By train:

Carcassonne train station: https://www.gares-sncf.com/fr/gare/frccf/carcassonne

By car:

You can share the journey with other participants, you’ll be put in touch.

You can use ridesharing companies to find drivers with empty seats happy to share the journey with you.

We offer to collect you from Carcassonne for the 20 minute drive if car-sharing is impossible.

Shona Cameron

Shona is thinker and a doer. As a psychologist and trainer she creates spaces for people to heal and grow in and she is endlessly fascinated by the power of the present moment. Shona found out about NVC in 2003 and spent many years living and sharing NVC  as an undercover agent in the educational systems she worked in. Now Shona shares NVC full time and is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Shona offers mentoring and coaching for those wanting to integrate NVC into their daily lives and loves to support individuals to live their dream of sharing NVC in projects around the world. She is known for her leadership, clarity and sense of fun. She is also an Assessor for CNVC in the English Speaking European Assessor Team. www.shonacameron.com

Louise Romain

Louise is a personal, professional, and organisational development trainer and consultant. She established her freelance business in her early 20’s, working as a human resources consultant within client business organisations until becoming a mother to her two, now adult, children. Since discovering NVC in 2005, she has served as an assistant at many IITs with Marshall Rosenberg with whom she did all her training. She is a co-founding member of NVC Education Europe, and is an active member of other circles in the NVC network, including Education in France and Africa, most recently in Congo and Rwanda. She offers courses and private sessions to individuals seeking to learn and live the needs consciousness NVC supports. Louise combines her understanding of business dynamics and marketing with transformation work to support individuals wanting to make their dreams a reality. Louise originally trained as a physiotherapist and is also an art founder.  Visit her website at Peace Factory

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