2017: Making Life More Wonderful with Requests



Making Life More Wonderful in 2017

Are you wanting to take the next steps in developing your NVC skills especially that tricky part about requests?
Are you asking yourself…”How do I ask?” , Are you telling yourself… “I cant possibly ask”….? We have all been there, trying to break social conventions about asking in our western culture requires courage and skill.
How about making the request of yourself to join, explore and learn with us?

 Participants who worked with us in 2016 have requested we carry on- delighted to say we will therefore begin another year long exploration,  in March 2017. We welcome anyone who wants to improve their request making.

We view this piece of the NVC skill set as the one that gets a bit neglected and yet one that can build even more connection and gets right to the core of taking action, asking for our needs to matter and getting clearer about what would make our lives more wonderful.

What would you like to request of yourself?

Of your Loved ones?

Of your colleagues?

Of your community?

How to ask for what you really want is broken down into smaller manageable pieces to practise. We work together as a community who meet each month- all of us challenging ourselves to step up and find the courage to ask. (Note from the CT’s: This includes the two of us. , We want to work on this ourselves, so this is not like a traditional NVC course, we all come to this together)

Last year we explored connection requests, classic request making, micro requests, colloquial requests and so much more.

We know there is even more to uncover and practise practise practise.

It doesn’t matter that you’ve not been able to join us before. There will be plenty of chances to ask for a recap or to re-visit and support is available for you wherever you are starting from.

What others said about our 2016 Year of Requests

Thanks for The Year of Requests. I had no idea there could be so much involved in requests, from the “formal” full NVC request to simple micro requests. I’d heard of connection requests but hadn’t appreciated how important they are. The whole year has been rich and fascinating. It has added to my NVC practice in ways I think will improve connection, reduce conflict and make life more wonderful. -Mike xx UK

The “Year of Requests” became a group to which I felt very connected to. I was sure for every session that I can authentically share what is alive in me and that this is being appreciated from other participants. It is a great celebration of mutual exchange, interest and respect. It meets my need of personal growth and sharing with others. Shona and Sarah are amazing in holding this space for all of us with much care and love. -Jana,  Berlin

The course helped me to realise just how important requests are in seeking and maintaining human connection. I particularly benefited from learning about and practicing connection and micro requests. I felt very well supported by Shona and Sarah throughout and enjoyed the way in which they worked as a seamless team.AG, UK

The year of requests met the following needs for me: companionship, learning, growth, and practice.

The companionship of others on this journey of communicating with compassion has increased my joy this year!  I have implemented micro-requests on a regular basis.  I make practicing requests an every day commitment.  I am gaining awareness that it is all practice and then practice and then practice.Rhonda  Eldridge,  USA

Shona Cameron and Sarah Ludford Certified NVC Trainers

What will we do?

Each session covers a topic which is live for us that month and we adapt it to suit the needs of the group, and respond to requests to practise. There are opportunities to work in smaller groups in break out sessions, and we use Zoom as software to support the video conferencing. The sessions  are live and done in person and are responsive to your learning pace. We record each one so you can listen again or catch up if you’ve missed any.


Dates March 14th, April 11th, May 9th, June 13th, July 11th, September 12th, October 10th, November 14th and December 12th.

Session will run from 11am- 12.30pm GMT (or British Summer Time)

Money £225. Payable as one payment or in installments.

We ask for money to support us to do this work – the invitation to you is to consider the money exchange as a gift to us – it enables us to live and share NVC with integrity.

What will I need?

Access to a computer with a webcam as we will meet online. A quiet space at that time to connect with yourself and others, headphones are useful, but not essential. You can also call in via phone. Details will be sent to you


Please book via the google form here and details of how to pay are on the form. When you transfer monies please also send an email to sarahbolera@yahoo.co.uk to confirm so we can keep track.

Any queries please contact one of us


Shona Cameron





Sarah Ludford came across Nonviolent Communication in 2001 as part of a coaching course. She was struck immediately by its simplicity and its power to transform relationships. She is known for her willingness to be vulnerable whilst in a leadership role. Sarah’s current area of enquiry is around interconnectedness and how human beings need each other to thrive.   Sarah runs courses in NVC in the North West and is a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication. Email: sarahbolera@yahoo.co.uk  website: www.connectwithcompassion.com