NVC for Educators: 1st March 2018

An Introduction to Nonviolent Communication 

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a learnable set of skills based on a model which anyone can learn and use in any situation. It supports a peaceful classroom and offers a way to deal with conflicts and difficult behaviours. It only requires for one person to try it in a conversation and new solutions emerge and conflicts dissolve. Using NVC and building a culture of empathy in your classroom fosters a nonjudgmental and safe environment for all learners. Taking that wider into your school supports a nurturing and accepting environment which builds a restorative and emotionally intelligent workplace.

The aim of this very practical course is to give you an introduction to what NVC is, where it originates and what it can do for your practise as a teacher, manager, chair of a meeting or mediator. Especially when your days are filled with you working in all four of these roles! This course is interactive and experiential.

Date: 1st March 2018

Cost: £120  Lunch and Refreshments provided.

(Early Bird Booking by 15th January 2018 £105)

Time: 9:30 – 16:00 

Booking: info@4x4communication.net or follow this link 

Venue: Carronvale House, Larbert FK3 3LH (Details here)

Learning objectives:

  • Understand what Nonviolent Communication is and what it offers young people in conflict
  • Distinguish feelings and needs and support others to identify their feelings and needs
  • Learn how empathy transforms challenging meetings and fosters a dialogue that leads to win:win
  • Learn how to express yourself rather than give up on your needs
  • Apply skills you have learnt immediately on your return to school.


  • The four ingredients of NVC and how they build connection
  • Exploration of empathy, what it is and how to use it with children
  • The barriers to making a connection and how to spot them in your own communication
  • A focus on you as a listener and a speaker; how to express yourself honestly and with power

This training is for:

Teachers, nursery staff, head teachers, educational psychologists, additional support needs advisors, and managers.

This training is facilitated by the founders of 4x4communication whose aim is to empower a community of NVC ambassadors and trainers within education and social care across Scotland by 2020.

This training is the gateway to a further set of training days and an extended programme of support and development which is planned for 2018/2019.

NVC is used around the world in Education to grow schools where relationships are the building blocks for the creation of a culture of  empathy.  This is the first training of this kind in Scotland following on from successful implementation of NVC principles in France, Slovenia, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, the USA and Poland. Schools which use and apply NVC note a decrease in conflicts and a more harmonious atmosphere. For more information we recommend reading Life Enriching Education  and watching these videos.

Shona Cameron I worked for many years as an Educational Psychologist in local authorities in England and Scotland. In 2003 I started exploring NVC and could see how it bought my work as psychologist into everyday life and empowered everyone to develop empathy. I  have worked as a Certified NVC Trainer since 2006 and am part of a global community of trainers and facilitators sharing NVC. My writing about NVC has been published in a book about restorative practices edited by Belinda Hopkins and my recent trainings have taken me to work in Poland, France and Ireland.

Sandrine Miesch I’ve been a teacher and trainer of teachers in France for over 20 years. After 15 minutes on my first NVC training  I realised that this was the tool I had been looking for many years. Since that time I have tried out many ideas for implementing NVC in my classroom and now I want to share what I have learnt with others. NVC challenged and changed my practise as a teacher improving my relationships with my pupils, parents and colleagues. I wish I’d known about it years ago.

To book click here or for more information email:  info@4x4communication.net