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Shona Cameron: Psychologist and Nonviolent Communication Trainer

Shona lives and breathes psychology and has worked as an Educational Psychologist for twenty years in the UK. In this role Shona consults, trains, continues to gain knowledge about people, and she has learnt how to listen. To families, to children of all ages, parents, teachers and other psychologists. A privilege to be part of so many people’s lives, and to share insights and new ways of being in the world. Shona found satisfaction in the simple and profound work of finding out what is stuck, celebrating what is working and supporting people to change. BUT only if they want to! Never wanting to be an ‘expert’,  Shona empowered those around her to grow and find their own solutions.

Shona Cameron, Trainer & Coach in Nonviolent Communication

Becoming a Nonviolent Communication Trainer

During a Buddhist retreat in August 2003 Shona discovered NVC and a few months later went to train with Dr. Marshall Rosenberg in Switzerland.

Shona become an internationally Certified NVC Trainer in 2006. During that time Shona was still working as in schools and found ways to share NVC ‘ninja style’, where no one else knew what she was doing! Conversations and meetings were transformed, becoming more effective and powerful.

In 2016 Shona became an assessor for CNVC and now as well as training and coaching she guides and supports candidates to become Certified Trainers themselves. 

In-depth training, mentoring  and coaching for certification in NVC is offered via or by contacting Shona.

Shona brings together a wealth of experience and offers real world support framed in the power of NVC. She travels the world training, mentoring and coaching others.

Simplifying psychology for clarity of purpose
  • Inner Clarity->Empowering
  • True to yourself->Authentic
  • Say what you mean-> Communication
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NVC training team in Ireland

Shona Cameron: Nonviolent Communication Trainer