NVC Practice Days

Nonviolent Communication : Practice Days

Time to reflect and build skills in Nonviolent Communication 

10 am- 430pm

27th May, 22nd July, 30th Sept and 25th Nov 2023

Want to achieve your goal of learning Nonviolent Communication?

After 20 years I can say: It requires practice and support.

Join others in an online community of Nonviolent Communication practitioners for a day of practice. These days have been designed to support you to keep your attention on doing things a bit differently. Instead of reacting- listening, instead of hiding finding your power and instead of self criticism move into self compassion…and do it in your own way at your own pace.


(All times UK +1 hour for CET)

10 am First Round of Check-in with Shona-What do you want to practise? Do you need Shona’s support?

From here: Form groups or work on your own

or Deeper coaching from Shona to help you get clear on what you want to practise- if required

Otherwise- go and get on with practising: on your own or form groups,

11 am Second round of coaching with Shona (if needed)
12-1 Your time- take a break/ have a walk etc

1 pm Midway Check in with Shona, more coaching as needed

2 pm- 4pm  Practise- on your own or with others work on exercises, share ideas, journal or watch videos- you chose.

4 pm- Harvesting (Check out) Share what you’ve been up to and next steps.

430 pm Close

These days are part of the membership of Words are Windows. This is a way of getting input very regularly, to build your practice. With coaching support from Shona.

More details here


1. Can I come and go?


2. I want support with a particular piece of Nonviolent Communication when do i come?

Be sure to come at 11 to get coaching support from Shona and others. 

3. I don’t know what I want to do??

Come at 10 am for support to work out this first part.

4. I want people to practise with can I bring a friend

Come at 10 am to meet others who may be working on something – you can do it together- if your friend is not a member of Words are Windows remind them that the first month is free!

5. I just want to do my own thing, can I come?

Yes! Absolutely, the zoom room will be there for you if you need anything but you can drop in and say hi and get on with your practice for the day.

6. I want to share something I learnt with another trainer or in another class, can I do that?

Yes- just let Shona know 48 hours before and the tech things can be sorted for you to do that if needed and we will find people in the first hour.

7. How do I join?

Follow the link to the Mighty Network where these days PLUS Empathy Breakfast, Journaling Space, Regular Meet the Trainer Events and more happen. 

NVC Dance Floors

NVC Dance Floor session

Shall we dance?

NVC Dance Floor Programme (Poland)

A Deepening Training in Nonviolent Communication

 The NVC Dance Floors offer a way to understand, integrate and share the teachings of Dr Marshall Rosenberg. They are spatial maps made up of large cards that place NVC processes on the floor in various layouts called ‘dances’. 

This Train the Trainer Programme is designed to offer you a complete overview of all dances so you can use them in your trainings.

No experience of dancing is required!

Whether you are new to the Dance Floors or not, this unique programme covers all the details AND the big picture – the intention to connect.

Four weekends in all. This is an investment in your skills in Nonviolent Communication.

30 November – 3 December 2023

  • 13 Step Dance Floor
  • Jackal Cafe & Self-Empathy Dance

  • Integration and Connection Dance

1 – 4 February 2024

  • Fluency Dances

  • Anger/Shame Dance

4 – 7 April 2024

  • Educator/Chooser Dance

  • Yes/No Dance

6 – 9 June 2024

  • Transforming the Pain of Unmet Needs to the Beauty of Needs

  • Connect with Respect (For working with Teenagers)


  • Integration of Nonviolent Communication
  • Improve your coaching skills
  • Use the Dance Floors in your trainings, with groups and for yourself

PLUS: Explore some of the lesser-known dances. Work with others to build a network of practitioners. More on what each weekend will offer below

NVC Dance Floor materials
NVC Dance Floor session

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning how to dance in the rain " -V Green

Starts November 2023

There are 9 Dance Floors

created by Gina Lawrie and Bridget Belgrave.

More info: NVCDanceFloors.com

Booking Details

Hosted in a special venue near Warsaw, Poland, the ECCC. This is close to transport links and we will support you to arrive with ease.

If you have a questions about what we will cover, please contact Shona for more information.

EARLY Bird Price: Whole Programme: € 1350 (6300 zł) till the 1st of September 2023, and €1500 (7100 zł) after this date
Single (3-days) retreat: € 430 (2000 zł)
Please write to us in advance to check the availability of space for single participation.

Booking and info on Costs, please email Ania 

Working alongside Shona these last few years has given me the opportunity to observe her support people on different Dance Floors. Each time she coaches with so much care, sensitivity and depth. Each one really seemed like it was the only one- so full of care for the individual. I saw profound impacts on many different participants. Hearing from them afterwards that it had changed their lives, they hadn't expected such a deep shift in such a short amount of time.
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Donal Gannon
CNVC Certified Trainer, Ireland/ Portugal

About Shona Cameron: Known for her clarity, humour and depth of knowledge of Nonviolent Communication, Shona has been a Certified Trainer since 2006 and first met Marshall in 2004. Since 2016 Shona has worked with with the English Speaking European Assessor Team and she mentors and supervises the next generation of Certified Trainers. Her style is super flexible- the needs of the participants in the room will shape the training. Shona has written about the Dance Floors here.

Shall we Dance? New for 2023/24: Explore all 9 NVC Dance Floors with us

Bring Your Nonviolent Communication Trainings to Life

Each weekend will have a theme and build on skills covered in the Dance Floors. Covering all the processes essential in life.

  • Learn to dialogue where everyone’s needs matter
  • Move towards fluency and mastery and FLOW
  • Become your own healer from Anger, Guilt, Shame and Depression 
  • Find inner balance and self-compassion
  • Learn from mistakes with compassion
  • Make life affirming decisions from Needs/values
  • Live with Radical Self Acceptance
  • Make Nonviolent Communication work, even with teenagers!
"Funny, authentic, NVC embodied in her bones. Extremely inclusive, attentive to all participants. (Shona) left in me the willingness to deepen more NVC. Amazing teacher! "
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To grow in fluency and depth in your practice of NVC and coach others to grow too.

What you will get out of each weekend:

Weekend 1: 30 November – 3 December 2023

Dance Floors we will use:

  • Stage 1: 13 Step Dance Floor
  • Stage 2: Integration and Connection
  • Self Empathy Dance Floor

Weekend 2: 1 – 4 February 2024

Dance Floors we will use:

  • Stage 3: Fluency and Integration
  • Deepening Self Empathy
  • Anger, Guilt, Shame and Depression DF

Weekend 3: 4 – 7 April 2024

Dance Floors we will use:

  • Educator/Chooser Dance Floor
  • Yes/No Dance Floor

Weekend 4: 6 – 9 June 2024

Dance Floors we will use:

  • Transforming the Pain of Unmet Needs to the Beauty of Needs
  • PLUS: Adapting and using the Dance Floor with Teenagers and Children: The Connect with Respect Dance Floor



Whole Programme: € 1350 (6300 zł) till the 1 of September 2023, and €1500 (7100 zł) after this date
Single (3-days) retreat: € 430 (2000 zł)
Please write to us in advance to check the availability of space for single participation.
shona cameron Nonviolent Communication dance floors
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