Deepening Your Empathic Listening Skills

Two-Day Training: Saturday 3rd +  Sunday 4th December, 2022

Deepening Your Empathic Listening Skills

with Nonviolent Communication Trainer and Assessor Shona Cameron

Montessori children’s centre “Montijn” Koningstraat 5-k 6641 KS Beuningen, The Netherlands

Practising and integrating Nonviolent Communication to keep empathy and compassion in mind and empower authentic communication.

  • Increasing our skills of empathy and authenticity
  • Grow our skills: everyone can get better at listening- even those of us who have been exploring and learning how to do it for years
  • What Empathy is and isn’t
  • How it cements relationships and builds trust

These two days will be experiential, fun and deep.

This training is being hosted and organised by Leon who is a candidate of Shona’s on the path to Certification in Nonviolent Communication. More Details on Certification Here

Joining information via Leon’s website 

Come and join other Nonviolent Communication enthusiasts and candidates to explore Empathy

Shona learnt my watching Marshall Rosenberg listen over many hours and days in his presence. This skill is especially precious to her and she is always eager to pass what she has learnt on.

Take your time to understand. Don’t just do something, be there.  M Rosenberday

When to Express or When to Listen?

When to Express and When to Listen?

Free online Workshop

My friend and colleague died on the 30th of August. To honour him and his love for NVC. This online offer is an activity I learnt from him.

We will explore shifting the decision-making in communication away from the brain: to discern, and listen closely to what the intelligence in our bodies is telling us- Listen or Express?

Some experience in NVC is required.

Questions? ask me

Saturday 17th September 

3pm UK time/ 4pm CET

90 mins 

Zoom Link sent on registration

Remembering Robert Kržišnik​

In Robert's words- “For me it’s all about connection: from self-connection, through healing wounded parts of ourselves and embracing our whole being, to connect with others on a deeply sincere and vulnerable level. It’s about entering this experience of human existence fully, to manifest connection with the Whole, with the flow of Life.”

rumi quote that field

To learn more about Robert and his work and to buy a course he had just released visit Robert’s website.

Looking forward to seeing you,

and learning with you on Saturday.


Foundation Training in NVC for Coaches, Psychologists and Therapists

hand next to ear

Empathic Presence

A Foundation Training in Nonviolent Communication for Coaches, Psychologists and Therapists

A 5 session programme: an introduction to Nonviolent Communication specifically designed for those of us who choose to listen for a living.

You might have heard of NVC and are intrigued how it could be used with other methods you’ve been taught.
You may want a refresher in NVC or you may be new to it.

Everyone can get better at listening- even those of us who have been exploring and learning how to do it for years.

About the Foundation in NVC Training

Explore the practice of NVC and see how it can bring depth, aliveness and movement in the most stuck places. NVC is a holistic approach with compassion at its heart. Rooted in humanistic psychology you will learn how some subtle changes to your approach can benefit you and your client.

Online Foundation Training in NVC for:

  • Coaches
  • Psychologists
  • Therapists
  • Counselors

About your trainer: Shona is a psychologist with first hand experience of using NVC in her practice. She has been trained in many other methodologies, looked at the overlaps and differences. She sees the benefits of having a foundation in NVC in all her conversations, whether they be therapeutic ones or in coaching conversations. Looking after herself is now her main practice of NVC- making sure she doesn’t leave herself out.

'Thanks Shona - I learned so much from you and from the other participants. The diversity of backgrounds made it very special and I felt nourished and restored by the experience. I continue to use NVC in my personal and professional life and look forward to doing more training with you.’
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Nuala O'Connor.
Leadership and wellbeing coach


2 hours each week online via Zoom

1400 UK / 1500 CET / 0900 EST

every Monday your time here

An experiential training with break out spaces for small group work, a chance to learn by doing- we work on your own examples.

(No recordings are made, you are asked to come live.)


Draft Plan- which will be adapted to meet group needs

14th November

Session 1

  • An overview of the NVC model
  • What gets in the way of presence and connection with clients and why it matters

21st November

Session 2

  • What Empathy is and isn’t and how it cements relationships and builds trust
  • What happens in this space that the client does their own work?

28th November
Session 3

  • Practice session
  • Q and A- bring your queries, what’s not working and what is!

12th December
Session 4

  • Looking after ourselves in the relationship, what are our needs? and the value of knowing
  • How to set boundaries and say no

19th December
Session 5

  • Bringing it all together
  • Honest expression for balance and your health!

Booking Details

Concessions £180: you choose what you can pay.

This includes handouts and worksheets- not only to use for the training but to use going forward.

Plus: 3 months free membership of Words are Windows: an online community of people learning and integrating NVC into their lives. Most people find they want to meet others practicing NVC so we meet often. In our community you will find: Empathy Breakfast, Journaling Space. Q and A with Shona and Meet the Trainer: inspiring interviews with NVC Trainers from around the world. Plus articles and videos on NVC, all included in an ongoing membership of £12/ €15 a month.


Shona Cameron at an NVC training session
'I’ve been inspired the depth of experience Shona can share in a short space of time. The authenticity and living of NVC consciousness is alive in her teaching. I enjoyed her aliveness, fun and openness is sharing her journey with us all. ’
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'Shona’s presence and facilitation throughout the weekend made a huge impact on me. Her depth of understanding, compassion, skill, care moved me and inspired me. I am taking home tools that I know will improve my connection and communication with myself and others and contribute greatly to the quality of my relationships. ’
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Rachel Santos
'I truly appreciated Shona’s calm approach. Her inner peace and confidence in NVC radiated throughout every aspect of the retreat. ’
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Jen C