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Shall we dance?

NVC Dance Floor Training

Have you ever wondered how to increase the depth and power of Nonviolent Communication for your participants?

A Training for Trainers or Coaches of NVC

 A multi-sensory approach that brings depth to your offerings:

  • Develop skills in a multi-sensory approach to sharing Nonviolent Communication:
  • Engage all styles of learners
  • Enliven your trainings with experiential and real-life examples
  • Bring NVC to life with clarity, sensitivity and depth
  • Integrate an embodied experience of NVC

About the NVC Dance Floor Training

No experience of dancing is required. Rather these Dance Floors are tools for us to ‘walk’ through and therefore integrate the processes of NVC

The NVC Dance Floors offer a way to understand, integrate and share the teachings of Dr Marshall Rosenberg. 

This program is for you to:

  • Learn coaching skills and how to use the dances in trainings.
  • Explore and some of the lesser known dances.
  • Work with others to build a network of practitioners.

About Shona: Known for her clarity, humour and depth of knowledge of Nonviolent Communication, Shona has been a Certified Trainer since 2006 and an assessor with the English Speaking European Assessor Team since 2016.

Gina Lawrie and Bridget Belgrave (UK) developed the NVC Dance Floors. These are spatial maps made up of large cards that place NVC processes on the floor in various layouts called ‘dances’. Each card represents a step in a dance of communication. These steps can be used in any sequence to support authentic, flowing, conscious communication. 

NVC dance floors training

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning how to dance in the rain "

– V Green

January 2023

There are 9 Dance Floors

created by Gina Lawrie and Bridget Belgrave.

More info:

NVC Dance Floor materials

Booking Details

We will be supported by a special venue near Warsaw, Poland, the ECCC. This is close to transport links and we will support you to arrive with ease.

If you have a question, please contact me for more information.

Booking and info on Costs, please email Ania 

2023: Explore all 9 with us:

12-15 January 2023

Exploring dialogue where everyone’s needs matter

  • 13 Steps Dance Floor
  • Integration and Connection
  • Self Empathy Dance Floor

 Possible Dates and topics for more:

23-26 March 2023

Find our inner balance and self-compassion

  • Integration and Connection
  • Deepening Self empathy to include Anger, Guilt Shame and Depression

Learning with compassion and making decisions from our needs

  • Educator/Chooser Dance Floor
  • Yes/No Dance Floor

18-21 May 2023
Radical self-acceptance

  • Transforming the Pain of Unmet Needs to the Beauty of Needs Dance Floor
  • Connect with Respect Dance Floor (For working with Teenagers)
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Working alongside Shona these last few years has given me the opportunity to observe her support people on different Dance Floors. Each time she coaches with so much care, sensitivity and depth. Each one really seemed like it was the only one- so full of care for the individual. I saw profound impacts on many different participants. Hearing from them afterwards that it had changed their lives, they hadn't expected such a deep shift in such a short amount of time.
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Donal Gannon
CNVC Certified Trainer, Ireland/ Portugal
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