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Foundation Training in Nonviolent Communication

Join NVC trainer Shona Cameron for two full days 

learning the basics of NVC 

at St Thomas Church in Lancaster, UK.

Friday 17th and Saturday 18th November 2023

930am- 430pm

Foundation Training

Program outline
Day One:
  1. Communication we know is possible!
  2. The NVC model
  3. Expressing oneself with honesty
  4. Types of communication which get in the way of connecting with others

Day Two:

  1. Empathy- what it is and how and when it supports connection
  2. Listening to others without hearing blame, judgement and criticism
  3. Bringing the model together, expressing oneself and being ready to listen; the Dance of communication

Free Download Chapter 1

We request people to read Marshall Rosenberg’s book Nonviolent Communication - A Language of Life, before the workshop.

Shona Cameron, Trainer & Coach in Nonviolent Communication

Training Open to All

Suitable for those new to Nonviolent Communication and those who would like to deepen their initial understanding or to revise!

Shona is celebrating 20 years of sharing Nonviolent Communication  and has worked with people form all over the UK and the world sharing Nonviolent Communication since meeting Marshall Rosenberg in 2004.

This two day training:

  • will give you sufficient information and practice to start using NVC in your daily life

It is also

  • run in an experiential style working with examples from participants’ lives
  • challenging, moving, supportive and fun

Like learning a musical instrument, full fluency comes gradually, with practice.

'I shall be using what I have learnt from you in every aspect of my daily life’
ahimsa an ancient idea for how beautiful we can be


St Thomas’ Church Centre,  Lancaster

Marton Street

Lancaster, LA1 1XX


Close to Lancaster train station and an hour from Manchester Airport. 

Free parking available. Ask Melissa about local accommodation.

🐣 There is an early bird code- apply at check out: EarlyBird for 15% off before Sept 30th 🐣

Individual Rates

Between £180 and £400

Paying more contributes directly towards those with less, so they can attend

Organisation rates 

£250: Sole Trader/ Small Charity rate (fewer than 10 employees)

£400: Public sector / Large Charity rate (NHS, local Council, large charity, Edu)

£450: Private sector rate.

All prices include handouts. Drinks and Snacks provided. Please bring your own lunch.

Shona Cameron, Trainer & Coach in Nonviolent Communication

More about Shona

Shona Cameron is a UK based Certified Trainer and Assessor with The Center for Nonviolent Communication. She has trained internationally for many years as she enjoys travel and exploring what brings us together. Countries she has trained in include, South Korea, Poland, Slovenia, Finland, Ireland, The Netherlands and France. Shona came to Nonviolent Communication while working as an Educational Psychologist. She first trained with Marshall Rosenberg in 2004.

'Shona gives me confidence that the essence of Marshall and his teachings lives on. I have great respect for her and her teaching style.'
ahimsa an ancient idea for how beautiful we can be