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How do I learn NVC? (Nonviolent Communication)

Come on a training.
Shona also offers 1:1 coaching to support you to learn Nonviolent Communication.

NVC Coaching

Shona specialises in ongoing support for people as a coach and mentor.

Embed your skills so you can communicate whatever the pressure. Especially if

  • you are the only person in a team or organisation who knows about NVC
  • you want to deepen your understanding of Marshall Rosenberg’s work
  • you want to transform difficult dynamics
  • you want to share NVC either in a way where no one else notices.

Shona specialises in Nonviolent Communication for people who give feedback. Is that you? Book a call to find out more.

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Why use a coach to learn NVC?

You chose your growing edges and programme. Your coaching time is responsive to you and you have Shona’s full attention. Learning NVC combines a unique combination of reflection and learning skills. For some people this is best done in the confidential setting of a one to one call. (In person also available).

What do I need to learn NVC?

Some people think you need to be a psychologist or a specialist to learn NVC. Or that NVC may only be for people who are violent or that it’s only useful for conflict situations.

Not true! NVC is for anyone and for whenever we communicate. It is as much for our communication with ourselves as it is useful for transforming our relationships.

What will I gain from learning NVC?

  • Most people report a deeper understanding of their own selves
  • Increased ability to engage with people, even people they have had difficulties with in the past
  • Clarity about how to navigate when things get tricky
  • More productive conversations and meetings
  • Increased harmony and ‘buy in’ for decisions which are made with everyone’s agreement
  • A powerful way to give and receive feedback
  • A way to pick yourself up and re-engage with what matters to you
  • And most importantly a way to live and bring your values to work

"you don't have to be brilliant, it's enough to become progressively less stupid"

"you don't have to be brilliant, it's enough to become progressively less stupid"

– Marshall Rosenberg

Shona Cameron 1 to 1 coach in NVC

Shona Cameron MSc
Psychologist and International Trainer in Nonviolent Communication