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Nonviolent Communication Trainer & Coach

A peaceful way to bring about change

Training and Coaching

Communicate skillfully, with clarity and care

Shona Cameron, Trainer & Coach in Nonviolent Communication

Nonviolent Communication Trainer & Coach

A peaceful way to bring about change


Deepen your relationship with your values and live with authenticity


Foundation Training, Dance Floor Train the Trainer sessions & more

What is NVC?

A learnable communication model for transforming relationships

"I’ve been inspired the depth of experience Shona can share in a short space of time.
"Shona’s presence and facilitation throughout the weekend made a huge impact on me. Her depth of understanding, compassion, skill, care moved me and inspired me. "
Rachel Santos
"I truly appreciated Shona’s calm approach. Her inner peace and confidence in NVC radiated throughout every aspect of the retreat."
Jen C.
"The authenticity and living of NVC consciousness is alive in her teaching. I enjoyed her aliveness, fun and openness is sharing her journey with us all."
"I am taking home tools that I know will improve my connection and communication with myself and others and contribute greatly to the quality of my relationships."


Nonviolent Communication and Social Change – 2

This is the second post in my ponderings on Nonviolent Communication and Social Change. Last time, I talked about some of the dangers of social change work. I believe it
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Nonviolent Communication and Social Change: 1

This is about Nonviolent Communication and social change. It was always part of what Marshall talked about – using NVC as a way to support social change. It was important
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How to practise Nonviolent Communication

This month, it’s twenty years since I discovered NVC. My awareness of this has led me into  reflective mode. I’ve been thinking of all the things I’ve learnt, and the
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Words are Windows Online Community

A Nonviolent Communication social platform

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Words are Windows is my online community for NVC practitioners, trainers and anyone who wants to share experiences and learnings.
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