Meet the Nonviolent Communication Trainers

As I’ve travelled the world learning and sharing Nonviolent Communication, I’ve met some inspiring people. I wanted to know more about them! Meet the Nonviolent Communication Trainer, I’ve been interviewing them.

All of the interviews are available for members of Words are Windows and as a member you get the chance to join live too, and ask your questions.

I love questions!

I have collated some of the clips here for you to see. What makes Nonviolent Communication trainers tick! Maybe we are getting some idea?

In May 2022 we met Magiari Diaz Diaz from Venezuala. She inspired us with stories of her life and capacity to take NVC into the heart to conflicts.

Last summer, it was very moving to spend time talking to Clare Palmer from the UK, about living with a terminal illness and how NVC has supported her.

More recently we met David Weinstock from the US, who talked us through some of his work with somatic experiencing and NVC. We even got the chance to practice together.


More of the clips can be found here.


If you’d like to learn more about Meet the Nonviolent Communication Trainer and Words are Windows you can find about it here. Maybe you have a trainer you’d like me to interview?