DSC_0915_1I refer to the work I do in Nonviolent Communication as creating ‘circles of transformation.’ Sometimes these circles have 50 people in them, sometimes they exist for an hour in a session with you and me working on something precious to you.

I see myself as a supporter:

Your project + your dreams + our vision of a more connected world =  flow and life.

Our time together will be for you to grow and heal and plan. After a session people report they have more room inside. I believe in radical self compassion and acceptance of what is.

More About me:

I have worked as a psychologist since I was three… endlessly curious about people and myself. This early start led to actually getting paid for many years to be in the privileged role of an educational psychologist. Listening, consulting and being with families, teachers and schools as we endeavored to create an inclusive education for students. An interest in different ways of working as a psychologist and ideas about truly creating education systems that work for EVERYONE led to Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and spending time with Dr. Marshall Rosenberg  and this has been the central influence in my work since 2003. I have been a CNVC Certified Trainer since 2006.
In November 2016 I received feedback that my skills and practice were recognised as such that I can call myself an Assessor in the international NVC community. I now am privileged to spend time with those wanting to move towards certification in NVC. For me this means I love to spend time with people with a desire to integrate NVC into daily life, a desire to keep learning and exploring at the edges of what we can achieve and a desire to give and receive feedback.
I work with the English Speaking European Assessor Team in the role of Assessor and am linked with the international team of assessors for CNVC.
I love to have fun and play and am well known for my clarity and ability to give feedback. I aim to work with empathy in ways that sound “normal” and that can be used anywhere having had years of practice with teenagers and in meetings. I work “in the flow” of Empathy and see no giver or receiver, no fixer or healer only presence and life moving through us.
I see myself as a “generalist” in the NVC community because I like to know what is going on and be involved in everything! And I know this is not possible so I spend my time supporting others with their projects and their nvc growth and specialising in NVC in Education when I can.

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland I also travel widely. I enjoy connections via Skype or in person. I facilitate groups or work 1:1.

Part of the community of trainers with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication   I also work closely with other trainers here in the UK- www.nvc-uk.com and more locally in Scotland.